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"We've come a long way from our cracker box welder." 

Like most great companies, JackRabbit Manufacturing has humble beginnings. What started in a garage with a single cracker box welder is now a multi-million dollar company.  JackRabbit Manufacturing is a company forged on the foundation of innovation, creativity, common sense and big dreams.  JackRabbit Manufacturing has grown into Central Texas's trusted HUB-certified steel fabricator. Our relentless work ethic, unwavering commitment to quality, and reliability have set the standard in the industry. We proudly serve as the region's epitome of excellence, embodying the strong, community-driven values our area is known for.

A welder with a welding machine works in a factory.jpg


Our Mission: 

At JackRabbit Manufacturing, we forge the future through innovation, quality, and integrity in steel fabrication. Driven by our belief in the intrinsic value of every individual on our team, we cultivate a culture of self-sufficiency, smart money management, and unyielding problem-solving.

We are committed to efficiency, working tirelessly to ensure that our lean approach not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients. By offering superior quality products at competitive prices, we empower our partners to build stronger, while we grow our community and shape the industry.

Our core philosophy revolves around relentless improvement, a tireless work ethic, and an unwavering commitment to quality. As capable builders of both steel and relationships, we are not just a company but a partner, dedicated to fueling progress and adding value to every project we touch. We believe in moving forward together, crafting a stronger world.

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